Si tu prends la place du mort, attache ta ceinture de sécurité!

see tew prah lah plahss dew MORE, ah-TAHSH tah saa-TEWR duh say-kew-ree-TAY! Click below to hear:

If you ride shotgun, fasten your seatbelt!

The US may be the home of the gangster movie, where guys hang out of car windows with shotguns blazing. Sitting in the passenger seat is “riding shotgun”.

In French, that seat is la place du mort, the dead man’s seat. That’s where the largest number of collision deaths occur!

A seat (in movies, cars, etc.) is une place. La mort means death, but le mort is the dead man and la morte is the dead woman.

And la sécurité is both security and safety.

Now that you know all that, Faites clic! (fett KLEEK). Click it (or ticket)!


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