Assise. Couchée!



Train your dog in French!

Assise. Couchée!

ah-SEEZ. koo-SHAY!

Sit. Lie down!

My Isabella is a female Shiba Inu, so these commands would work for her, if only she weren’t so stubbornly independent.

If your dog is a male, you will need to say assis (ah-SEE) and couché (koo-SHAY). You’ll notice the second word sounds the same as the feminine, but the first command sounds different.

And if you have a cat or a spouse, forget it. They won’t obey.

In French, you are not actually giving a command to your dog. You are describing the position you wish your dog to assume: Seated! Lying down! In fact, these are past participles used as adjectives. Perhaps Francophones (French-speakers) have greater faith than I do that the dog will obey.

2 responses to “Assise. Couchée!

  1. Carolyn Ulrich

    Great photo of Isabella.

  2. Doing what she does best!

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