On va manger sur le pouce.

On va manger sur le pouce.

aw vah mah-ZHAY sewr luh POOSS.

We’re just going to grab a quick snack.

Literally: we are going to eat on the thumb.

On the thumb? What is that supposed to mean? Maybe it suggests the size of the snack you are planning. Not much fits on a thumb. Or maybe it has to do with the lack of a proper table on which to lay out your meal. You’re going to balance it on your thumb. Or maybe (the modern take) it refers to the thumb with which you plan to push the buttons on the vending machines.

No one knows. But it surely is fun to say.

Here’s more:

on va = we are going to. It’s the casual way to say it. I’m sure you learned in school that we is nous, and that it has its own special form of the verb. True. But nowadays, people in everyday conversation tend to use on + a third-person verb to mean we. Hey, one verb form fewer to memorize! Who can argue with that?

And while we’re at it, note the use of aller, to go, to express the future tense. To see more examples of that, click on the categories aller, to go, or future tense, in the drop-down list on the sidebar.

At this point, you may be ready to cry, Pouce! (POOSS) I give up!

So I will stop for now.


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