Tu vas regarder les Jeux Olympiques à la télé?

Tu vas regarder les Jeux Olympiques à la télé?

tew vah ruh-gaar-day lay zhuh zoh-laa-PEEK ah lah tay-LAY?

Are you going to watch the Olympic Games on TV?

I am. Moi, oui. (MWAH, wee.) It’s not the Opening Ceremonies and the torch-lighting that get me. It’s those skiers, skaters, gymnasts, relay racers, moving so gracefully and so powerfully, that I love. So I will be watching as many of them as I can.

This is another example of the easy way to ask a question in French: Just make your statement, and add a rising intonation at the end to turn it into a question. Whenever you are asking a question that can be answered with oui (yes) or non (no), you should use this lift of the voice at the end of the sentence.

And notice how the future is expressed: this is also the easy solution. You don’t have to memorize the future tense of each verb–only the present tense of the verb aller (to go). This one is the form to use when you are speaking to just one person whom you know well. The rules are the same as in English, really: subject (you, tu) + verb (are going, vas) + infinitive (to watch, regarder).

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