J’adore les bonbons au chocolat!

J’adore les bonbons au chocolat!

zhah-DORE lay baw-baw oh show-koh-LAH!

love chocolates!

Just in case you need to drop a hint…

It’s true that j’aime means I love, but mainly when it comes to people. When it comes to things, it’s better to say j’aime beaucoup, or j’adore. Because, oddly enough, if you say j’aime about a book, a page of a blog, or a box of chocolate candy, it’s ambiguous whether you mean that you love it or merely like it.

Confused yet? To say you like a thing–or a person–it’s clearer to say j’aime bien.

So if your Valentine hints that you might be able to expect chocolates, and you would prefer flowers:

J’aime bien les bonbons au chocolat, mais j’adore les fleurs!

zhem BYAA lay baw-baw oh show-koh-LAH, may zhah-DORE lay FLUHR!

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