Encore six semaines d’hiver!

And the answer is…

Encore six semaines d’hiver!

ah-CORE see suh-MEN dee-VAIR.

Six more weeks of winter!

Oui, elle a vu son ombre, la marmotte. And we are in for six more weeks of winter. I’ll bet you’re not surprised, especially if you live in Chicagoland!

Apparently the theory is that if the groundhog is frightened by seeing its shadow, it will duck back into its burrow for another six-week snooze (but no snooze alarm to wake it up before it’s sure it’s ready). There’s no provision in this plan for stalwart groundhogs who don’t scare easily.

Of course, the logic seems a bit backwards. If it’s sunny out on February 2, allowing Madame Marmotte to see her shadow, might that not suggest that winter is drawing down to a close? And, on the other hand, that a gray, sunless day might mean that we are still to be caught in the grip of cold and snow for longer than we might like? But then, where’s the logic behind many other holiday celebrations? We need foolish, irrational revelry to keep our sanity in winter.

Heureux Jour de la Marmotte!
uh-RUH zhoor duh lah mahr-MUTT!

Oh, and by the way…yesterday I misspelled a word. Anyone find it yet?


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